DR-HO’S New You Club Exclusive Member Benefits

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Convenience Fora healthy, pain-free life it is essential to stay consistent with your daily supplements. As a member of DR-HO’S New You Club, a new 30-day supply of your desired supplement(s) is delivered to yourdoorstep every month. You’ll never miss a day! Plus, you have complete flexibility and control of your membership.

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Flexibility You can change yourdelivery schedule to every 60, 90 or 120 days, depending on your rate of usage. Plus, you can change the contents of your shipment at any time. If you’re not completely satisfied with your membership youmay cancel at any time. Exclusive Offers Receive special discounts and exciting promotions. Be the first to hear about new products developed by Dr. Ho. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee All purchases arebacked by DR-HO’S 30-day guarantee of satisfaction. Get your health solutions at 1-877-374-6669 Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm EST or 905-471-4735 (Toronto Residents) or 1-800-834-6963 after 5:00pm EST

3 Why is Detoxification Doctor Recommended for Weight Loss and Good Health?
If you’re chronically fatigued and lacking the vitality you enjoyed in years gone by, you’re not alone. Our fast-pacedmodern lifestyles are so stressful and our bodies so overwhelmed with chemicals and toxins that our health and well-being can’t help but suffer. “As countries become developed, people are suffering frommore degenerative diseases,” says Dr. Michael Ho, who along with his son Vincent spent many years looking at the health challenges facing the developing world. “Developing countries are seeing a...
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