Consumer behaiviour

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Visit the Amazon website. Explain its value proposition and revenue model. Find competing sites in this category and assess how they differ from Amazon. What is Amazon’s competitive advantage?

Avalue proposition defines how a company‟s products or services fulfil the needs of customers. A company‟s revenue model describes how the company will earn revenue, generate profits and produce asuperior return on invested capital.

The first competitor to it's B&N has created a new store of contents against Amazon. Also, it has distributed a e-books reader(eReader) it whatever platform with access to Internet ( mobiles, computers...). B&N bet for the standard format called EPUB,
Amazon has his own format to the books.
As Amazon has his Kindleand that's why B&N get the support of Plastic Logic to get his own eReader.

Other competitor of Amazon it's eBay. Amazon is an online store while eBay is an online auction site. Otherdifference it's that Amazon owns and is responsible for all the items sold on their site while eBay does not own the things that are being sold or auctioned on its site. At eBay there is a chance of beingscammed but not on Amazon. Finally, a great majority of the stuff being sold on Amazon is brand new while the stuff on eBay are usually used.

Wall-Markt stores have also a website to buy theirproducts online. Its called
but this web-store its less useful than the Amazon one because the home page for example, is a long list of categories that you don't know where is the thing thatyou are searching.
Amazon has a tool that once you've visited the site, it knows who you are when you come back and suggests items based on what you bought before. In Wall-Markt that suggestions havenot a lot of accuracy. In the term of comments of the products Amazon has a lot of them with the opinion of the customers but in there is a lot of technical information that the...
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