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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2011
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Simon Espejo

Critical Essay: Population

The increase in environmental problems; such as depletion of non-renewable resources, the increase of pollution, and global warming, are actually animportant issue widely discussed in the world. Population is considered by many experts which could be the main cause of these problems, and therefore, controlling and stopping it, in developing countriesis only an alternative to preserve the environment. However this solution has been argued that developed countries with small population, such as Australia, are the greatest cause of theseenvironmental problems. This essay will argue that controlling population especially in developing countries should not be the only solution to protect and save the environment.

Developing countries, with anenormous population are not the greatest cause for the almost of environmental problems. According to the United Nations (Bradley:2002) that developed countries are causing an extreme damage to theworld, due to the fact that developed countries are responsible for almost 70% of global warming. For illustrate that, the United Sates with a population near to 300 millions is producing almost 6000millions of tons of CO2 per year. China and India, the biggest population around the world, both with more than 1 billion of population , are releasing to the environment an amount of CO2 near to 4000millions of tons per year (Liu and Diamond:2005). As result of this problem actions helped to control the impacts in the environment caused by developed countries, should be consider as anotheralternative.

Getting control on population in developing countries will not fix the environmental problems in developed countries. It has been argued that population growth is the cause of moresignificant problems than over-consumption, and, therefore, controlling population in developing countries will minimize the impacts on environment (Hanaver:1998). However, Australia has a small population,...
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