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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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BYP 26-7
1) According to the article chronic homelessness is defined as being homeless for a year or more.

2) The homeless cost the city money in jail time a year, shelter costs, emergency roomvisits, and hospital stays. In New York a homeless can cost up to $40,000; in Dallas, researchers put the figure at $50,000; in San Diego, as much as $150,000.

3) The first step is to establish abaseline of just how big the market is. Second there are the consumers (the homeless). The market research is done the usual way: asking what they want. Putting it all together has resulted in astrategic plan, Housing First. That is, get people into a room or apartment, by either renting in the private sector or building permanent supported housing, and then bring social services to the tenant.4) Pathways to Housing, a nonprofit, has placed some 400 chronically homeless, mentally ill New Yorkers in rentals and reports a success rate of 88% (defined as not returning to the streets for fiveyears), at a cost of about $22,000 a year per person. Value Options, a managed-care provider, reports a 92% success rate with a similar population in Phoenix, also using private housing.

5) As wesaw in the article the average cost of supporting a homeless person in New York is about $40,000, On the other hand the cost of sheltering a New Yorker in a low cost rental is about $22,000. Given thesatisfaction of getting a homeless person of the street and the difference in cost it is much cost efficient to provide a low cost rental for the homeless ($18,000 net income increase) instead ofmaintaining the homeless in the streets.
BYP 25-6
1) I think Ron and his co-workers were benefited by Ron’s actions because they will have an easier task to complete instead of being pressured by themanagement to comply with the actual standard labor time. The company was harmed by Ron’s actions because it could see its production slow down given the fact that Ron didn’t do his best trying to...
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