Contabilidad y conceptos básicos

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6 slices of cheese
6 sausages
ketchup bottle
Mustard to taste
6 Pan Dog
Fresh pineapple to taste
Shredded potato fried to taste
Open the loaves andplace in oven to warm. Cook the sausages in boiling water. Let them drain. Place the sausages in the pan and garnish with tomato sauce, mustard, shredded cheese, fries and sweet pineapple. Serve warmTHEORY
The hot dogs were made in various parts of Europe before the European immigrants (especially German) to take them to the United States and became a very popular street food in the middle class.In New York broke through in the first decade of the nineteenth century thanks to the contributions of several European butchers were devoted to 'replicate' the sausage in the new continent.Apparently, the German butcher Charles Feltman was the first to sell hot dogs in little carts on the beaches of Coney Island (near New York) in 1867. [1] The success of sales that had made his cart charged alarger and eventually incorporate several servers in it.

It was Nathan Handwerker and Polish origin, who became famous food compete on price with C. Feltman. Feltman employee in its origins, thebusinessman saved enough money to open his own hot dog shop across the street. Nathan put big signs advertising their products, half price as Feltman. He had opened a chain of stands selling called"Nathan's Famous." The business prospered and when in the 1920s subway station opened Stillwell Avenue across the street, Nathan benefited from its location, gaining popularity that finally gave Feltmanout of business in the 1950s. Nathan's currently still in Coney Island, at the corner of Stillwell to Surf Avenue, but his empire has expanded considerably, and every July 4 contest sponsors a hot dogconsumption. Nathan was the creator of fashion dog stands in the streets of New York. The German-born businessman Chris von der Ahe was one of the promoters of the sale of puppies in baseball games....
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