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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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The chocolate is a delicious chocoteja and pleasant, invented in Peru in the city of Ica, first with the name of TEJAS, known inPeru as cocoa, to bathe the famous tiles, doing a variety of it, so christened the name of the CHOCOTEJAS.
  The Ica Chocotejas areknown all over the world.
Bitter chocolate
Chocotejas shaped mold
Chocotejas Wraps
A small potwater


1. First in a small pot filled half with water and boil.
2. Up top put aaluminum bowl, then add the amount of chocolate that we use aluminum casting it to the bowl that is totally hot, so bitterchocolate begins to melt.
4. Dip a spoon into the chocolate mold to form a layer.
5. Take the refrigerator for 3 minutes.
6. Remove thepan and continue to fill the dish, covering almost the entire cast.
7. Then place the pecans, and crumbled into small pieces.
8.Then spend another layer of chocolate.
9. Take the refrigerator for a time of 5 minutes.
10. Then remove the pan from therefrigerator.
11. Empty chocotejas very delicately, lest they break.
12. After withdrawing, proceed to wrap, to wrap chocotejas.
13.The chocotejas can der of different flavors and are of plums, raisins, pecans, prunes, for they all do the same procedure....
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