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The climate is the result of the interaction of various elements and atmospheric factors such as rain, wind, vegetation, clouds, altitude, water bodies and relief. In turn, climatedefines the type of flora and fauna that dominates a region and do the same with humans and their activities.
In much of Mexico the rainy season occurs in summer. Begin to appear in May and sporadic rainsin August there is a brief period of decline in rainfall and increase in temperature, a phenomenon called heatwave.
In our country, the rains are caused by the trade winds from the northeast. Blowsfrom ocean areas of the middle Atlantic and stop blowing during the winter and spring as they move southward, this time the westerly winds blowing across the national territory, but without rain,because they are dry.
Tropical cyclones and hurricanes are very humid winds reaching high-speed can be felt in the country with the trade winds in the summer, and mainly in autumn. Affects the Pacificcoast, the Gulf of Mexico.
During the winter and early spring air currents blowing from North America and leads the country in declining temperatures and some drizzle and occasional snow in the higherparts and in the north. These are called the north, blowing with great force for several days on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico.
In some northern regions of the country near the desert andsteppe areas, such as Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, there are few rainfall during the year. In general, this regime is observed in areas with dry and mild climate throughout the republic.
Thegeographical position of Mexico, latitude, elevation and the relation with the distribution of lands and seas give the country a great diversity of climates, which is intensified further by highlighting thespecial features of the national territory. These characteristics mean that the country has a diversity of climate, instead of two (mild and hot), there are five types of thermal regimes: warm,...
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