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The Divine Comedy"The DivineComedy" is a work that became the basis of modern thought and led to the affirmation of medieval mode of understanding the world is also considered the greatest literary work composed in Italian and a masterpiece of world literature, by Dante Alighieri, Italian poet and writer born in Florence, this play tells the journey of Dante in hell, heaven and purgatory with the help of different guides whowere ordered Dante show these three places of the same Virgin Mary, which accounts for well every way. In hell and purgatory Virgil guides Roman playwright and author of the Aeneid was the idol of Dante, loved to read his works and really fascinated with them both coming to imagine a full coexistence with some characters. It was written in 1304 and finished writing it shortly before he died inthe year 1321, does not really know the exact date, but it's the closest date.

In heaven Beatrice guides Dante woman he was in love but in real life not accounted for, but as a tribute to her here represented as the recipient of all human virtues. Dante Beatrix never met, most adored this was never to be matched, the following at a distance and knew a lot of his life, not to say that all of it.The work has a plain style that is used by Virgil and other classical epic poets, the literal sense of comedy is none other than the account of a trip to the supernatural worlds.
cone located in the northern hemisphere near Jerusalem.
In Dante's journey it encounters different characters of old age such as Socrates, Homer, Virgil it noteworthy that always sees Dante Virgil as his master andthinks he knows everything Virgilio sometimes even where it is not true Alexander the Great, Attila and many other characters many Romans, Greeks and the Middle Ages.
In the journey Dante learns different lessons such as humility, comedy is a genre of poetic composition unlike any other, because the tragedy of the principle is admirable and quiet, but in the end the outcome is sad and horrible.Begin the journey of our hero in the Black Forest where he sees three beasts represent three vices. In hell the going starting their journey from the circle (where sinners are punished) the lowest level to the highest sins.
Without further ado I present here a summary of the three places and their subdivisions

Home of Virgil, instead of punishment if suffering, unfulfilled desirego, here we find unbaptized children and illustrious warriors.
Space limbo more pain, there is here a black vortex of air where the damned are judged as suicide for love, in this circle of Minos but wants to attack Virgil puts soil here are Cleopatra, Achilles, Helen, Paris and Dido among others.
Here not much to mention just raining black water that Cerberus wants to attack butagain neutralizing Virgil puts soil.
Here and are the people in your life or never wanted to spend any of your money or casually squandered his punishment is that each side will fight until eternity. Virgil tells Dante wise phrase "Not all the gold in the world can give you rest"
Here are the Styx is a swamp where the souls swimming naked in the mud and the anger will tear the skin...
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