Contactless card validator

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Validation Device for non-contact tickets
Validator is a devide created for the validation of non-contact tickets that can connect with the OnBoard UCP as if it where a peripheral fromthe system or as an independent ticket validation system. It is capable if reading all types of non-cpntact tickets based on the ISO 14443 part A and B standards, as well as the ISO 15693 standards,which assures that any type of card which follows this standard could be accepted in the future by the validator by implementing just software developments. The design of the validator system has beenmade so that it can be installed on any type of cylindrical or embedded bar on a wall, offering a great versatility for its possible, having the outer surfaces with rounded corners to avoid any type ofincidence

The TSC validator has a CPU based on a PC 104 architecture that will allow a speaker output, as in the desk. With this audio output, messages may be emitted for blind persons with thesame indication presented in the validator’s display. This functionality improves the service provided to the user, and allows visual disabled persons to interact without the driver´s or other user ´shelp.


Main Functionalities •Information storage and of its alarms. •Ethernet connection to the desk. •Contactless card reading and writing. •Display for the passengers. •Leds andbuzzer. •Speaker for visually disabled people.

Application In the concept of validator, it has been taken into account the aggressive environment that entails its installation onboard the buses. Fromthe point of view of the interaction with the clients, it is equipped with an acoustic and lighting device that allows calling awareness of any incidences during the ticket validation process, as wellas a retroiluminated display screen of 2 lines of 16 characters, that inform by means of a simple messages the result of the action taken by the user, totally parameterized for our clients.

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