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Modern prophets in our world today are helping young Catholics “keep the faith going”. The article I read is mainly about how the Campus ministries are helping students at a college or universityfeel the presence of the Lord and keep their faith strong and secure. Spirituality and faith are vulnerable due to the different cultures, the change in environment and the lack of parental guidance ata college. A Catholic may find attending liturgies useful for prayer, contemplation and learning. Mostly, attending a liturgy helps one come closer to God, remember where they stand in life and therelationship they have with God. We need to attend mass to keep found our identities as people of the Catholic Christian faith. We do this by celebrating as constant as we can with Sacraments,engaging in service ministry, bearing witness to Christian teaching, and doing all of these things to praise the Lord our God. Thanks to Campus ministries, students are able to do these things and keeptheir faith alive.
At the University of Rochester, the Church is present within the university’s Newman community. The Newman Center serves the University Catholic Community in Sacramento andsurrounding colleges. The community members challenge, support, and encourage one another in living the faith and values they have been taught. The community practices hospitality and liturgicalcelebrations. Without the Catholic community, students like Kelie Ileto and Ingrid Kiehl who came from a Catholic home and environment would have found studying in a diverse setting at the University ofRochester very difficult. If religious celebrations were not supported or practiced at the university, many challenges such as maintaining their spirituality would eventually be too overwhelming to overcome.The Catholic community itself is an example of a leader, not so much a prophet, but a group of people that help each other to withstand the worldly beliefs and keep on track where they will find...
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