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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Caracas 05 – 11 -2011
Alumno: Deybis Castellón
Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta de los verbos que aparecen entre paréntesis
1.-An owlflew (fly ) overmy house last night
2.- I took (take) a shower when lheared (hear) the doorbell
3.-l lost (lose) my keys .do you know where l put(put) them
4.- she fell (fall) while sheread(read) a book
5.- I enjoyed(enjoy) the movie at the cinema when the power went (go) out
6.- l advise (avise) her not to have sex without protection

Completa lassiguientes oraciones con la preposición de movimiento que corresponda
Throgh into round across to off along overdown
1.- l like to hold tour handwhen we walk across the street .
2.- you have to go through the Brooklyn bridge to get to Manhattan
3.-I am going to chile next year.
4.- she came into the kitchen aminute ago
5.- the pharmacy is right across the street, in frot of the mal
6.- the door was locked so she came in through the window
7.- the pólice officer told me to getoff the car and show him my license
8.- luckily, we foud a place to eat along the road , because we were very
He was lost he was spinning round the traffic circleCompleta las siguientes oraciones con el pronombre de complemento de objeto directo que corresponde.
1.- would you like to come to visit me next summer?
2.- kites are beautiful ! llove to fly they at the beach
3.- Hit s really no problem , carlos. I can givee he a ride home
4.- my aunt Sylvia is very nice. I think you II like she a lot
5.- Chris is notcoming in today . he felt sick so I told he could stay home
6.-cariby and I are very excited about this trip . l hope hou can join we .
7.- Being parents will make they very happy
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