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Technology in the service of society

Technology has always been an important means to create new industrial and human environments. It is forthis reason, a lot of attention the following statement, which states that: "The technology can be considered as applied knowledge in processes of creation, production, marketing, distribution and useor consumption of goods and services" (Szabo, 1995 .)
Industrial Engineering is a profession in which technology and science are combined in a continuous and improved, this because it is atheoretical-practical discipline, which moves the development of production systems. Technology can be defined as the cluster of expertise of an area, the applicability of the data and resources associatedwith a job to increase control over the environment and provide solutions to their problems.

In industrial and business fields, the technology enables convenient appropriation of science knowledge inproduction processes. The technology would then be, the bond of scientific ideas and their practical application, by using all the proper tools and techniques available, it will create products ofthe highest quality, achieving competitive advantages in society, nation and the world.

Innovation, a true agent of change

Innovation can be understood as "the business development strategy,innovation is not only aimed at generating new products and processes, but also to the adaptation and improvement of technologies, to adopt changes in corporate culture in Finally, the ongoingintroduction of changes, which increase the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises "(COLCIENCIAS, 2000).
Innovation is a continuous process, exciting and vital that allows an organization to beproactive rather than reactive to meet and anticipate their future with greater chances of success, even modify it through the effective combination of activities and resources, its result is the...
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