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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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It's called environmental pollution in the environment the presence of any agent (physical, chemical or biological) or a combination of several agents in places, forms andconcentrations that are or may be harmful to health, safety or the welfare of the population, or that may be harmful to plant or animal life or prevent the normal use of the property and places ofrecreation and enjoyment thereof. Environmental pollution is also incorporated into the receiving bodies of solid, liquid or gas, or mixtures thereof, provided that adversely alter the naturalconditions thereof, or which may affect health, hygiene or welfare of the public.

As you increase the power of man over nature and new needs appear as a result of living in society, the environmentsurrounding it deteriorates more and more. The social behavior of man, which led him to communicate through language, which later formed the human culture, let him differ from other living things. But whilethey adapt to the environment to survive, man adapted and modified the same means as needed.
Technological progress, on the one hand and rapid population growth, on the other hand, produceenvironmental change, in some cases threatening the ecological balance of the Earth. Not that there is an absolute incompatibility between technological development, the advance of civilization and themaintenance of ecological balance, but it is important that men know harmonization. This requires that protects the renewable and nonrenewable resources and awareness of environmental sanitation is essentialfor life on the planet
Pollution is one of the most important environmental problems affecting our world and occurs when an imbalance occurs as a result of the addition of any substance into theenvironment in a quantity such that adverse effects on man, animals , plants or materials exposed to doses that exceed acceptable levels in nature.
Contamination can arise from certain manifestations of...
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