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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2011
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China’s Burden


There will be no sustainable development worldwide until we all become one and see the others as ourselves in order to fight to help them. Since many years ago, pollution, biological degradation, scaring of resources and land insufficiencies became a future possibility; and now we’re at difficult times when the future seems to be at the corner of theneighborhood.
It isn’t any secret to anyone that China is the most populated country in the world, being one quarter of its total population; and that its influence among the world is enormous. As that is why today the whole world is concerned about it, because its environmental problems, such as air, water, and soil pollution are affecting the entire world, and both, its population and habits are causingthis worldwide problem, together with other countries, of course. And that’s why in this essay we will present all the problems and its causes as well as possible solutions or projects being carried out.


“No solution to Earths environmental problems is possible without the involment of China”.
China start growing way to rapidly, it couldn’t plan all of their structures, arranging,design, etc. This affected a big deal today, for example: because houses un china are way too small and cohered so they can fit in small areas, they have windows or any kind or any kind of thermal insulation, which leads to Chinese people to use twice as much energy to heat or cool their houses. This was 30% of China’s total energy consumption for years now.
China also has problems such as duststorms, which may become deadly and can spread as far as North America.
Desertification has become a very important problem in China, for it has swept over almost 80% of China’s land, and every year this increases about 2460 km. Residents have been forced to abandon their villages, and if it wasn’t enough, decades of waste poured from factories and cities into China’s rivers have turned many ofthem into open sewers. About 40% of water in rivers are unsuitable for human consumption and many lakes suffer euthrophication and alga bloom.
The China population is growing and the society is causing a climate change all around the world. “As long as industrialized counter preach to developing countries about consumption without restraining their own, the hole we are collectively digging willdeepen” (Livernash, 2007).
This opinion shares the thoughts of many people but nobody does anything. We’re running out of resources like fossil fuels and food production will be forced to produce more than normal as never before in history.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

“China’s emission growth .3, 2-4 times greater than expected, it uses more coal than the United States and is the secondlargest consumer of oil. And they have both inefficient and highly pollution levels”.(N.A.,N.D.)
China experience sever urban air pollution that has a significant impact throughout the region, it’s world’s second largest source of green house gas emissions. And it is developing world’s largest producer of ozone depleting substances. The problem among a lot more are the respiratory and heart diseasesrelated to air pollution, because they’re the leading cause of death in China. And even some progress has been achieved in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, 75% of energy production still relies on coal. It’s estimated that by 2025 the nation will be the world’s leading producer of greenhouse gases. “And something really awful is that United State firms are creating pollution in china. Bydemanding lower product prices, Chinese take less environmental safeguards in order to compete” (Wilson, 2008).


The environmental problem comes from the abuses of the nature from humanity, while the Chinese population start growing the environmental change began growing as well, this situation began when Chinas population start it’s uncontrolled growth, they star cutting trees for...
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