Contents forr 5th year grade

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Contents for a 5th year grade.

We have followed the established division of contents into concepts, procedures and attitudes,
but we have also divided the category of concepts into functions,linguistic exponents and
vocabulary. Therefore our list of contents for a 5th grade degree is as follows:
• Greeting one another
• Describing what people are doing
• Sayingwhere you are from
• Asking and giving personal information
• Talking about your family
• Describing daily routines
• Telling the time
• Talking about the jobs people do
• Saying what you want tobe when you grow up
• Talking about how you celebrate Christmas
• Describing games and sports
• Following instruc tions to play a game
• Describing where you live and the things you do there
•Talking about the weather and the seasons in different places
• Talking about people of different countries
• Talking about likes and dislikes
• Asking and saying how much things cost
• Talkingabout the food you like/don’t like
• Describing people: what they look like and what they are wearing
• Describing where animals live.
• Saying what animals can and can’t do
• Talking about how youfeel
• Making comparisons
• Talking about the space
• Asking and answering preferences
• Talking about school subjects
• Following school safety rules
• Talking about measures to protect theenvironment
• Planning a party.
• Talking about how to keep in touch
Linguistic Exponents:
• Hello/Hi, I’m…
• What’s your name?
• This is my (sister). These are my (friends)
• He’s/She’s(reading a book)
• How old are you? I’m (ten) years old
• When’s your birthday? My birthday is in (June)
• I’m from (Spain)
• Have you got (a sister)? I’ve got (a brother)
• I get up at (half pastseven)
• It’s (ten past eight)
• He’s/ she’s a (teacher)
• I want to a (pilot)
• How many (players) are there? There are (eleven)
• How do you celebrate Christmas?
• You need (a racquet)
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