Contraceptive methods

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Male condom

The condom is one of the most popular contraceptive methods and used in the world. They are thin coatings of different materials (latex, Polyurethane) can be treated with spermicide to provide added protection.
Placing it on the erect penis before intercourse prevents sperm from the vagina. It also offers protection against sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms differ in shape, color, lubrication, thickness, texture and added spermicide (usually nonoxynol-9).
Their mode of use is always the same: completely unroll to the base of the penis while holding the tip to leave room for semen and prevent breakage.
It is a very effective contraceptive method if it is used regularly and properly.
The advantages of condoms as a method lie mainly in itseconomic price and functionality: easy to obtain, carry and use. In addition, it has no side effects or interferes with the menstrual cycle.
Its major points are that blacks can only be used once, often interrupt sexual activity and reduce pleasure. We must also protect it from heat and light and prevent breakage. It is important to remember that should only be used once.

Female Condom:

It isa thin and transparent that the woman is placed inside the vagina before sex, and then during the act the penis enters the vagina, covered by this case. Prevent the spread of disease and pregnancy. And like the male condom has no side effects. It is made of two extremes which have rings, one more boy and the other bigger, obviously the youngest goes inward and outward larger and designed tobe used once. They are not very easy to find, because it is an expensive method.

The pill

The contraceptive pill (also called "the Pill") is a pill taken daily and contains estrogen and progesterone. These are hormones that prevent pregnancy.

Most birth control pills contain a combination of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) to prevent ovulation (the release of an egg during themonthly cycle). If a woman does not ovulate, you cannot get pregnant because there is no egg to fertilize.

Possible side effects the contraceptive pill are a safe and effective contraceptive method. The side effects that some women experience when taking the Pill include:

• Irregular menstrual bleeding.

• Nausea, weight gain, headaches, dizziness and breast tenderness.

• Moodswings.

• Blood clots (rare in women under 35 who do not smoke)


It is a small arc of rubber that is inserted into the cervix and should be used with a spermicide. The woman must take at least six hours after the man has ejaculated, but cannot have more than 24 hours because if you cannot increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome (bacteria) is a serious disease.
Afterintercourse, the woman should wash it and store it in a place where there aren´t messy. Should be checked to see if you have a hole or opening, if so be discarded.


It is a plastic frame, small and flexible, and inserted into the uterus. This prevents the meeting of the oocyte and sperm and has a high percentage of effectiveness, much higher than condoms, both male and female. Lastapproximately 10 years, are easy to use, but when women can become pregnant take it away as fast as a woman who did not use it.
It has side effects such as menstrual changes, cramps, perforation of the uterine wall. After being placed, very painful and does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The IUD cannot be removed by itself, must be removed by a health care provider.

The patchThe contraceptive patch is transdermal patch plastic, thin, beige, which belongs to the group of combination hormonal contraceptives. The sticky part contains the active ingredients are released continuously through the bloodstream. In contrast to the oral contraceptive pill, vomiting, or diarrhea does not affect the amount of drug that is released from the patch....
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