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¿What is the addiction? The addiction is a state of dependence with serious consequences in real life,because destroy the health. Some persons see the addiction as a disease in which the addict is driven to despair and has little power on the reason of his addiction and in most addictions, the repeateduse creates a tolerance which needs more and more substance or activity to feel the satisfaction. In this point is necessary to explain the contrast and comparison between the alcoholism and thetobacco addiction.

Alcoholism is simply defined as a compulsive need of an intoxicating liquid that is derived from fermented grain or fruit. These liquids include beer, wine and other strong liquors.Alcoholism can be developed, depending on the environment in which the person lives or traumatic experiences in life, stress at work, problems in the family, and by the influence of friends. Alcoholismcan lead people to engage in serious problems and these can be destructive. Actually, the use of alcohol is involved in half of all crimes, murders, suicides and accidental deaths. There are alsoserious health problems associated with alcohol use, such as brain damage, cancer, heart disease and diseases of the liver.

Tobacco addiction is an excessive consumption of tobacco, already be in theshape of cigarettes, cigars or pipe in which smoke have been identified around 4,000 toxic components, among which the most important is the
Nicotine because is a substance stimulant of the centralnervous system, responsible for the psychoactive effects, and the addiction, but some smokers hold that the consumption calms the nerves and that in other occasions it works as a stimulant; beingthese principal effects that the nicotine produces, but the truth is that the tobacco causes cardiac, respiratory diseases and of carcinogenic tumors.

The alcohol and the tobacco have been raised...
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