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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2012
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Installation Instructions for 10569 Dual Electric Fan Relay Kit

Updated 06/24/10

Be sure to route wires in a manner so that they do not chafe on any sharp metal edges and use proper terminalsand connectors at all connecting points to insure proper electric fan function. Use wire nuts, solder and heat shrink tubing or crimp connectors to make all of the electrical connections. We do notrecommend the use of electrical tape as a means to make and hold connections together. This fan control kit is designed to be used with dual fan applications as long as the combined current draw does notexceed 60 amps (30 amps per fan). This kit powers each fans main power independently of each other, in the event of a circuit or fan failure the other fan and circuit will not be affected. It isimportant to connect the 10 gauge RED power wires and the fan ground wires utilizing separate connector and hookups. 1. For best results mount each relay in as close proximity to the fan it’s powering aspossible. 2. Secure the relay assembly with the included sheet metal screw. You may use this attachment for the GREY 18 gauge ground wire if it is making direct contact to a known ground, such as thechassis or underbody sheet metal. If the relay is attached to a plastic or other non conductive material be sure to route and secure the GREY 18 gauge wire to a known ground. 3. Attach the PURPLE 12gauge wires to the positive (+) wires on the fans utilizing the supplied connectors and terminals and connect the fans grounds (-) in this manner. (Some fans can be run in reverse, per manufacturersinstructions, by reversing these connections) It is recommended to crimp and solder where practical. 4. Mount the circuit breakers near the power source you are using to power the fans. 5. Cut the RED10 gauge wires so they terminate near their respective circuit breaker; connect to one side of the circuit breaker using one of the supplied ring terminals. Attach another terminal on the remaining...
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