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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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CONTRACT FOR ADVERTISING SERVICES, celebrating the one hand the company MMAS MANAGEMENT MODELS, S. DE R.L. DE CV, represented herein by C. JOSE RENE REVUELTA HERNANDEZ, who is empowered to do so,as evidenced by Public Deed that the statement I, 1 is described, who identifies with their voter folio number 0000086570036, and otherwise represented in this ____________act byC.______________________________________________, who is empowered to do so as evidenced by the Deed that the Declaration II, 1 is described, who is identified by its ID number _____________ who for purposes of thiscontract are called "THE CONTRACT" and "THE CONTRACTOR", and "Parties", which are subject to the following declarations and clauses .---------------------------



1. - Be a corporation legally constituted as evidenced by public deed number 1811, issued by the LIC. ALBERTO SUAREZ EDUARDO TORRES, Notary Public Number 9 in this city ofCancun, Quintana Roo, and have a RFC MMM090324P58, and home to hear and receive notifications TRAQUEPAQUE MZA 1 LOT 1, BUILDING 14 DEPT 05, SM 45 , HACIENDA CANCUN VALLARTA, CP 77506 in this city ofCancun, Quintana Roo

2. - within its social objective, is empowered to enter into this contract.

3. - Have the elements needed to comply with the obligations arising from this contract.


1. - To be a legally constituted corporation, domicile for and receive notices in the city___________________________, _______________,

2. - Have the main socialobjective__________________________________

3. - Have the elements and necessary to comply with the obligations arising from this contract.

4. - Do not have the necessary elements, neither hasthe expertise to develop services that are hiring in the city of Cancun, so it has decided to perform this contract.

"PARTIES" declare that the statements made, agree to grant the following:...
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