Contrato hipotecario

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Mr. Notary:

Please extend in a public register of deeds (escritura) stating that the purchase agreement entered into by Mr. ___Mario Martinez Fernandez_, identified with DNI No. 123456-a, were single and residing at __C-Mayor-27-2a-logroño-larioja-spain__, to whom hereinafter (sucesivo) referred to as SELLER, and in the other hand identified with DNI Don _Fernando RubioGutierrez__, No. 654321-s, were single and residing at ___C-Gran via-34-7b-madrid-spain __, to whom hereinafter (sucesivo) referred to as BUYER, in the following terms:


 SELLER owns property in _C-indepecdencia-87-5a-zaragoza-aragon-spain_ the same department who is enrolled in the electronic item No. __1234___of the Register of Deeds, the perimeter is entered in the registration document inquestion. SELLER bought the property from its previous owner Don ___Juan del Olmo Hernandez__, by deed issued by the Notary Public Mr. ____Jose Maria Rodriguez__rcorded in the electronic item


SELLER record that the property referred to above clause (referida a la clausula anterior) is unoccupied, in perfect condition and habitable, and no more wear (desgaste) than that produced bynormal and ordinary use.

In this contract the SELLER agrees to transfer ownership of the property described in the first clause in favor of the buyer. For its part, the buyer agrees to pay SELLER the amount of the price agreed in the following clause in the manner or form, time and place agreed upon.


 The price of the goods to delivery by SELLER amounts to __300.000euros__, the buyer will repay in cash in the following form and opportunities:

1 .- S /. _200.000 euros_____ On the date of signing of the deed with signatures of the parties in this documen document.

2 .- S /. _50000_on 15 january 2011________ Day

3 .- S /. _50.000 _on 15 febrary 2011_______ Day

FIFTH (no)

 To ensure compliance with its obligation tour BUYER SELLER for four bills ofexchange for the following: S / .______, S / .______, S / .______y S / .______, such sums incorporate amounts set out in paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the preceding clause plus interest to the expiration date indicated therein for each of them.

It further notes that those cambial are endorsed by Mr. __________, which may be discounted in the financial system.


 The place of payment ofall armies shall be the address of the seller.


 SELLER agrees to deliver the house by the service charge on the date of signing of the deed referred to the fourth clause, an act which is verified with the delivery of the keys of that property by securing HIM BUYER take effective possession of the property.


SELLER agrees to deliver all documents relating to the ownershipand use of the goods to the delivery charge and canceled receipts for drinking water and electricity in the last period, and proof of payment canceled Property Tax Property Tax for the three year period immediately preceding the date of this contract.


 SELLER agrees to perform all acts and execute all necessary documents in order to formalize the transfer of ownership of the goods to thedelivery charge in favor of BUYER.




 To ensure compliance with the provision by BUYER consisting of the balance of price in the fourth clause, you agree to be in favor of the seller first and preferential mortgage (hipoteca) on the property subject matter of this contract.


 The mortgage in which contracts the previous clause is up to the amount ofS /. __200.000 euros___, and it shall be extended until the cancellation of the last armed specified in clause four of this document and, if applicable, the interest that may arise.


 The parties recorded that the said mortgage includes both the land and existing buildings and those that might arise in the future, (the air, easements, the inherent and incidental to the property,...
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