Control de calidad en los alimentos

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A tin can is an airtight and sterile inside when opened, as during the canning process was subjected to a thermal process
How should I use the canned food?
Avoidrinsing canned foods, as this leads to a loss of minerals in the fluid of the preserves.
The canned food should be stored in cool and dry. They should not rusted or dented cans purchased, may have cracksor internal contamination.
The sound produced when opened, like a blow, is normal, that have filled the vacuum hot, and when opened, the vacuum sucks the air.
Quality Control for canned foodsQuality control of canned food can be defined as the various tests that are under the containers, once it leaves the production line for a product that offers health and consumer safety.

Keep in mindsome aspects such as:

Among the commonly used types of coatings are:
Oleoresins: red for fruits, resistant to sulfur. Recommended for acidic.

Phenolic: For meat and fish products. Aremore impervious to the oleoresin, but inflexible.
Epoxy: For fruits, vegetables, meat products. They are flexible and resistant to heat treatment. Ideal for products with a high content of fat.Organosols: flexible coating for funding caps and containers for sausages.


An underfilling promotes corrosion, while the overflow affects the efficiency of subsequent operations, andproduces deformation of the container. That is why an appropriate headspace cans is of 0.5-0.6 cm.
This headspace will:
-To facilitate mixing.
-Assist the heat transfer.
- In acidic foods wherecorrosion is the head space is occupied by hydrogen, avoiding violent explosions.

The measure of emptiness is the difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside the container,ie a measure that can be measured with a manometer, which in this specific case is called gauge. An appropriate vacuum (10-14 in. Hg) allows us to:
-Prevent corrosion and oxidation.
- Preserve...
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