Control de fauna nociva

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  • Publicado : 3 de julio de 2010
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Ultra Scater Bird-X Peller PRO 42 Price Weight $859.95 12.0 Pounds

Use PRO 2 targets crows, blackbirds, grackles, ravens & cormorants. Drive pest birds away with this sonic bird repellent device.Programmable species-specific bird pest control device: Reduce bird droppings and damage from pest birds. This sonic repeller from BIRD-X uses birds' own distress calls to create a "danger zone".Manage bird problems by frightening infesting birds away. Covers up to 6 acres. Proven in extensive field tests, Super BirdXPeller PRO significantly reduced or eliminated bird infestations. How SonicBird Repellents Work: Super BirdXPeller PRO uses birds' distress cries from a microchip (supplied by a major American university). Birds hearing these sounds perceive danger and become agitated anddisoriented. The birds think flock mates are in trouble. The problem birds flee the area . . . never to return. Species-Specific and Programmable Options:

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Target selected birds PRO 2targets crows, blackbirds, grackles, ravens & cormorants. Volume control of sounds Time off periods: Choose delays from 60 seconds to 30 minutes. Time of operation: Choose day, night or 24 hours. Keepbright lights from shining on the photocell for proper operation. Random operation: randomly plays recordings in non-sequential order. Best results from this mode.

Periodic reprogramming of soundpatterns in your Super BirdXPeller PRO prevent sbirds from growing used to a pattern. Harmless: Super BirdXPeller PRO harasses birds with loud, terrorizing sounds. Easy Operation: Standard 110vACrequired (adapter included). Optional solar power panel recharges a 12VDC deep cycle marine battery (not included) that powers the PRO. Synergy: Pair with a visual device or a physical barrier for besteffect. Call for details. Super BirdXPeller PRO Includes: Heavy-duty NEMA control box, with controls, four powerful directional speakers, AC adaptor DC battery cables, and complete instructions....