Control de nacimientos en china

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Birth control in China

"Once I found a woman who was nine-months pregnant, but did not have a birth-allowed certificate. According to the policy, she was forced to undergo an abortion surgery." That was the experience of one family planning officer with the Chinese government. In recent times China has implemented a new policy named “One-child Policy” apparently to control the country’sovergrowth but what they are doing is simple murder. Through this essay I will talk about the origins of “One-Child Policy”, its principal statements, some methods used to achieve this, and the cost that the implementation of this policy will bring.
In order to understand better all the implications of China’s One Child Policy we need to know the background of this policy. When the People’s Republicof China was founded the conditions of sanity and medicine were improved, the improvement of these conditions provoked the rapid growth of the population. At the beginning this was seen as an advantage because the government of the country thought that if they have more population they will be able to have more industrial production; therefore, the government forbade the use of contraceptionmethods.
After a few years of this policy China has become the most populated country in the world.
In 1979 China’s one child policy was officially established by Deng Xiaoping. At that moment it was supposed to be a temporary measure and its goal was to decrease the population to 1.2 billion by the year 2000. This policy principally affected the ethnic groups in China. The government claim toimplement this policy was that it would improve the country’s economy and life quality.
After talking about the policy’s background it would be easier to understand the principal statements. The first and principal statement of the policy is that a family just can have one child, the family has to accomplish some requirements and the government has to give them a birth license that allows them to havea child legally.
If the government discovers a woman pregnant without a birth license they punish her and her husband by giving them a fine and these fines are normally a lot of money. Also, there are some extreme cases in wich the government has forced the women to practice an abortion. One of the principal requirements that the family should have to get a birth license is that the woman who istrying to get pregnant has to be a certain age. If a young woman gets pregnant sometimes she is also forced to practice an abortion.
It was the government who established all these rules; therefore, also the government established some methods to achieve their purpose such as IDU’s, sterilization and forced abortions. Chinese women start using contraceptive methods normally after having theirfirst child. One of the most popular methods is the IDU’s. It consists of a small device that is placed in the uterus and prevents pregnancy by no letting a fertilized egg take place in the womb. This contraceptive device has some secondary effects such as infertility. Another measure that is usually taken by women in china as government recommendation is sterilization. This recommendation isnormally taken after having the maximum number of children which is one.
There have also been cases of forced sterilization principally in women of the rural areas of the country in which the cases of numerous families are more common.
Finally, the most dramatic measure is forced abortion. This is principally carried out when the government finds pregnant women without birth license. Abortion itselfis a crime but forcing someone to abort her own child is a double crime because you are depriving someone of her legitimate right that is become a mother and also you are killing the child that is just about to born.
Maybe the policy was fine few years ago but now it seem more and more archaic. Right now China is starting to see the secondary effects of the policy. One of the most important...
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