Control pitch propeller

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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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lControllable pitch propeller solutions

Propulsion solutions with Lips controllable pitch propellers
Wärtsilä designs and produces controllable pitch propellers for the commercial, military and superyacht market. It is a unique product, the first design for which dates back to 1903. With this wealth of experience and more than 10,000 installations installed and sailing worldwide, we presentin this brochure our latest innovative designs. ® A LIPS controllable pitch propeller installation consists of a hub, propeller blades, shafting, hydraulics and a Lipstronic remote control, as well as any further accessories needed to meet the customer’s needs. ® With 4- or 5-bladed propellers made of Cunial bronze or stainless steel, ducted or non-ducted, we always have the most appropriatesolution. The range of Lips controllable pitch propellers starts at an engine power of approximately 500 kW, and a propeller diameter of 1000 mm, and in principle has no upper limit. The highest powered CPP so far absorbs 44 MW, and the largest CPP has a diameter of 9400 mm.

The Lips controllable pitch propeller is manufactured completely “in-house”. This means that they are cast, machined andassembled in either Drunen, the Netherlands, or in Rubbestadneset, Norway. We aim to be more than just a supplier; we actively co-operate with all parties involved. The result is a controllable pitch propeller with the highest possible efficiency, limited and controlled cavitation, and low pressure pulses. The equipment is designed for the ship’s life. And when maintenance or service is required, weoffer you our worldwide service network, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hydrodynamic design
Lips controllable pitch propellers are custom-designed for each ship. Each vessel has a different hull form and for that reason different wake fields. All Lips propellers are

The twin-screw hopper dredger HAM 318.

wake-adapted and, in co-operation with the customer, both yard andowner, the propeller is designed for optimal performance in all operating conditions. The main features of the propeller design are: n Highest propulsive efficiency in all operating conditions n Excellent behaviour regarding cavitation, with no erosive types of cavitation n Lowest pressure pulse fluctuations on the hull to minimize noise and vibration levels on board. Lips controllable pitchpropellers for all ship types guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum noise and vibration levels thanks to their tailor-made design and use of the latest state-of-the-art technology: n A special radial loading distribution is used to obtain high efficiency n Unloading of the blade tip minimizes cavitation and pressure pulses n Optimized blade profile sections are developed and used in the design andlead to better results regarding both cavitation behaviour and efficiency.

Wärtsilä’s design experience covers many types of ships, varying from heavy-duty vessels like hopper dredgers to high-speed passenger ferries, and from small fishing boats to enormous oil platforms carriers. Our long history of designing propellers gives us extensive hydrodynamic knowledge and we have developed our designtools based on a large number of model test results and full-scale measurements. Our research and development efforts are dedicated to continuously improving the hydrodynamic design of our propellers by:
n n n

Co-operation with well known research institutes and universities worldwide Full-scale measurements Simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

In order to fulfil thestrength requirements of the propellers we perform Finite Element (FEM) analyses to check the blade strength properties of each blade design. Both fatigue strength and stresses in peak load conditions are checked.

Twin-screw cruise RoPax Pride of Rotterdam.

Lips nozzles Lips propellers can be applied for running in a nozzle. The advantage of using nozzles comes from the additional amount of...
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