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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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XYR 6000 Wireless Universal I/O Transmitter – Multi AI/DI/DO
Models: STUW700 with HLAI, T/C and Discrete Input Capability Model STUW701 with HLAI, T/C and Discrete Input and Output Capability

34-XY-03-36 December 2010

Specification and Model Selection Guide

Save time and money by eliminating the manual reading of field devices and by avoiding the cost of installing longruns of cable by using the XYR 6000 Wireless Universal I/O transmitter. In addition, improve monitoring capabilities by automating the collection of information from remote field devices with a flexible I/O transmitter that are either difficult or cost-prohibitive to reach. The XYR 6000 Universal I/O transmitter was built on the tremendously successful ST 3000 series transmitter line. The twowireless universal I/O models include the STUW700 and STUW701. The STUW700 Universal I/O Transmitter supports a total of three inputs which can be a combination of 1 to 3 high level analog inputs (0-20 mA/4- 20 mA) or 1 to 2 thermocouple inputs or 1 to 2 discrete inputs. The STUW701 Universal I/O transmitter supports two inputs, which can be a combination of 1 to 2 high level analog inputs (0-20 mA/4-20mA) or 1 to 2 thermocouple inputs or 1 to 2 discrete inputs plus one discrete output. The XYR 6000 Wireless Universal I/O transmitter is a part of a broad series of transmitters under the XYR 6000 line of wireless products. Using XYR 6000 wireless transmitters, customers can obtain data to create information from remote and hazardous measurement locations without the need to run wires, whererunning wire can be cost prohibitive and/or difficult if the measurement is in a hazardous location. Without wires, transmitters can be installed and operational in minutes, quickly providing information back to your system. The XYR 6000 Universal I/O transmitter is part of the Honeywell OneWireless system and are ISA100.11a compliant. Each XYR 6000 transmitter is battery powered by two long-life “D”size lithium batteries. These batteries have an expected lifetime of up to ten years. Transmitter range with the integral antenna is 1,000 ft. (305 m) line of site (LOS) under ideal conditions. XYR 6000 wireless transmitters send information to a ISA100.11a compliant MESH infrastructure. Wireless Data Managers (WDM) provides the path to bring that information into Experion PKS or any other controlsystem wirelessly via OPC client or Modbus-TCP. .

Figure 1—XYR 6000 Universal I/O Transmitters

Implement the value of wireless technology today:

    

Measure remote access points simply, safe and securely Obtain and utilize previously inaccessible information due to high wiring cost or hazardous locations. Easily meet regulatory requirements Improve process efficiency Increaseproductivity by eliminating manual field readings of instruments

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Specifications Operating Conditions
Parameter Reference Condition (at zero static) °C Ambient Temperature** Humidity (%RH) Ambient Temperature LCD Display Visible Range Vibration Shock 25 ±1 25 ±1 °F 77 ±2 77 ±2 Rated Condition Operative Limits Transportation and Storage °C -40 to 85 0 to 100 °F -40 to 185°C -40 to 85* -40 to 85°C -40 to 185°F 0 to 100

°F -40 to 185*

°C -40 to 85* 0 to 100

°F -40 to 185*

10 to 55

Maximum of 4g over 15 to 200 Hz Maximum of 40g Battery powered 3.6V Lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries non rechargeable, size D


24 VDC Wired Power (option) - For I.S. Application: 21 V to 25 VDC Operated with MTL7728P+ barrier (252 Ohms Max. end to endresistance), Max input current 26 mA For Non I.S. application: 11 V to 30 VDC Input range, Max input current 100 mA

*24V power option rated 80°C (176°F) ** The ambient limits shown are for ordinary non-hazardous locations only. Refer to the appropriate control drawing, FM/CSA, ATEX, or IECEx for the ambient limits when installed in hazardous locations.

Wireless Specifications
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