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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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1st semester Date: August 24 to 28 Topic: Introduction to speaking
Timing: 50 minutes

Objective: The students will be told about the way the speaking class will beconducted. Later they will practice the alphabet and the cardinal numbers.

|Activity one: The teacher will explain the students what is expected from this class. He / she will setregulations about the class. He / she will tell them about the topics they will be working |
|with and will clear any question the students may have.|
|Timing: ten minutes|

|Activity two: The teacher will write one by one the letters of the alphabet onthe board. While he is doing this, he / she will say the pronunciation of the letter and the students will repeat |
|it. the teacher will work in groups of letters of five, for examplefrom “a” to “e” until all the alphabet is written down. |
|Timing: 10 minutes|

|Activity three: The teacher will dictate somewords. After that, some students will pass to the board to write down on the board what they wrote in their notebooks. The rest of the students and|
|the teacher will say if the word iscorrect or incorrect. |
|Timing: 10 minutes...
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