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Scene 1
Nick and Leonard’s house in the morning.
F: Son I find a letter today, where it says thart i´ll have to work in U.S.A what do youthink about this?
P: I don´t know
F: It will be a year.
P: I will have to leave school and my friends, don´t know how are the American peopleF: you have to understand that is a good job for me
P: Yes, I know, i´ll go
( 1 year later, phone call)
J: How´s it going?
A: find, tell mewhat has happened
J: Is Milton with you?
A: Yes, he is.
J: Do you like go to eat something?
A: Yes we are free at 3:00 pm
J: Why hat go toour favorite restaurant?
A: Sounds great! See you then!
(Four hours later in the restaurant)
P: Are you ready to order?
M: We are ready.I´ll start with shrimps coctel, and you?
J: i´ll have the grilled fish, what does that come with?
P: It comes with a mixed green salad and spacytomato sauce.
P: And you young!
A: I´ll want fish fillet
P:Certainly, and anything to dring?
M: Three cold Heineken beers.
P: Here areyour dishes.
M: Thanks.
(30.00 minutes later)
P: Are you ok?
M: Yes, we´ll take the check please
P: Its 110 euros, the tip is included
M: Doyou accept credits cards?
P: Yes we do
J: Let’s go to the airport, for my brother and his son.
(They stand up and go to airport).
A: Oohh myuncle!!, welcome to home.
F: Home sweet home, I bring souvenirs
M: Tell us about to adventure
J: Whet up Leonard?
P: Long time no see.
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