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present simple
they don´t smoke in coffee bars
you live in a house with garden
in britain, cars stops at zebra crossings
a lot of british people go to the cinema
thewomen does the housework in my family
my mother do study english
we don´t have a garden
her father don´t work
my mother watch a lot of tv
we read the newspaper on the trainpast simple

he was a writer
he was born in strarford-upon-avon
she wasn´t in last night
his parents were very rich
he wasn´t the second president
when did the wallstreet crash happen? it happened in 1929
yesterday sam walked to work, but he didn´t walk home
jesus wore a tie to work yesterday
where did you go last night? i went tothat new jazz club in town
he wanted to go to a party in london

nora: you work with computers polo, is that right?
polo: yes, that´s right.
nora: do you like your work?polo: yes, i do. i love it. computers are very interesting, don´t you think?
nora: um, not really. i don´t like computers. what do you do in the evenings??
polo: i playcomputer games, or i watch television
nora: what do you do at the weekend?
polo: i … play computer games and watch television
nora: do you go to the cinema?
polo: no, i don´t. iwatch films on television or dvd. do you watch tv?
nora: no, i don´t have a television
polo: what do you do at the weekend?
nora: i go to the cinema
polo: oh!

nora:ah, coffee, great. cigarrette, polo?
polo: no thanks. i don´t smoke. nora, can i ask you question?
nora: yes, ok
polo: how old are you? 21?
nora: yes, that´s right!
polo:and, how old are you in the photo- the photo on the internet? 17? 19?
nora: look, polo, it´s two o´clock time to go back to work. bye
polo: nora, wait, wait … nora!!!
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