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Secretary of State
1. On a visit to Latin America you were quoted as saying, 'I wish I had studied Latin at school then I might be able to understand you guys.'
2. You thought East Timor was inScotland.
3. On a visit to Germany you thought that the German Foreign Minister was a waiter and asked him to get you a cup of cofee.
4. When asked your opinion on China you were Quoted as saying,'I think it will provide a fantastic market for future US economic growth'.
5. In a recent interview with the French Foreign Minister you offended him and he called you 'xenophoic' to which youreplied, 'Sorry, I don't speak French.'
Vice President
1. One day after you gave a speech on the importance of parents to teach their children morals your son was convicted for selling drugs.
2.When you were younger you were a supporter of pro-choice.
3. When asked Your opinion on the wrongful execution of an inmate in Texas you said, 'Yes, that was a shame but we can't get it right all thetime'.
4. On a recent visit to California you were quoted as saving 'California is a beautiful state. It's a pity about the people.'
5. In a debate on the future of race relations in the US yousaid, 'We need to forget about the past and move forward.'
Secretary of Education
1. You talk about the importance and good standard of state schools but both your children attend private schools.2. On a visit to a school in a depressed area in Alabama you were quoted as saying 'I've never met so many ill-mannered children, they should be placed in a juvenille detention center.'
3. Whenasked about increasing class sizes in schools you replied '25, 35 - what's the difference?'
4. You were quoted as saying 'Mixed Schools are a bad idea because the girls distract the boys.'
5. When aStanford professor allowed his students to use British spelling you said, 'This man should be sacked for a lack of patriotism, he obviously has no love of language.'
Secretary of Health and Human...
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