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A: vanessa, have you met Sandra?
B: no I haven´t
A: Sandra, I´d like you to meet Vanessa
C:hi Sandra. You look familiar. I think we´ve met before
B:really? When?
C:last month you were at mysister nicole´s party
B:oh that´s right! How have you been?
A:welcome to Lima. Have you ever been here before?
B:no it´s my first time. But yesterday I went to catacumbas,
It was reallybeautiful
A:that´s great have you tried ceviche yet?
B:ceviche? No I haven´t what´s that?
A:it´s a famous Peruvian dish. I think you´ll like it

Climb, go sightseeing, go to the top of, try, take a tourof,
Take pictures of
A: sorry i´m late. Have you been here long ?
B:for about 10 minutes. Not too bad
A:i´m sorry. I got stuck in traffic
B:the 8:00 show for the exorista is sold out, so
Igot tickets for Harry potter. I hope that´s ok
A:that´s fine. They say it´s hilarious
How much do I owe?
B: nothing. It´s on me
A:well thanks. Next time it´s my treat

I got stuck intraffic, I missed the bus, I couldn´t get a taxi,
I couldn´t find a parking space
A:what would you rather see a comedy or a musical?
B:it doesn´t matter to me
A:well what do you think of Madonna?B:actually not much.
A: for real? She´s my favorite movie star
B:not mine
A:well, we have different opinions

An accion film, a horror film, a science fiction film, an animated
A comedy, adocumentary, a drama, a musical
Funny, romantic, boring, weird-extraño, violent, unforgettable
Silly- stupid
A:hi i´d like to speak to vanessa, she´s a guest
B:i´ll ring that room for you
B:i´m sorry.She´s not answering. Would you like to live a message?
A:yes please tell her cesar called. I´ll meet her at the hotel at three
This afternoon
B:is that all?
A:yes, thanks

A: Hi i´m checking in.the name´s Vanessa
B:let´s see. That´s one double for two nights. Not smoking?
A:that´s right
B:how do you want to pay ?
A:here´s my card. By the way is the restaurant still open?
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