Conversasiones cortas en ingles

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Matthew: Hey Alfredo, how are you?
Alfredo: Hey Matt, i'm fine, how about you?
Matthew: I'm fine thank you.
Matthew: So, what are you going to do tomorrow night?
Alfredo: Mmm, I don't havenothing to do. Why?
Matthew: I was wondering if you'd like to come to the Knicks game.
Alfredo: The knicks? Do you have extra ticket?
Matthew. Yes, and I was going to go with Alice, but she got sick.Alfredo: Oh, sounds great.
Matthew: Then, let's meet in my house tomorrow at eighteen o' clock.
Alfredo: OK, see you.
Ejemplo de Conversación en inglés de invitación rechazada
(en este ejemplo, laamiga que es invitada acepta la propuesta, y luego la amiga le hace una pequeña invitacion a un trago.)

Alice: Hey Barb, how's your day?
Barbie: Everything great. you?
Alice: Same here. I waswondering if you have plans for this weekend.
Barbie: Let me think about it. Why are you asking?
Alice: I wanted to invite you to go to the Ashley Simpson concert.
Barbie: Oh, I'd really like to go. Ireally like Ashley. But I'm afraid I'm going to Aruba with my parents.
Alice: That's too bad. Who should I invite?
Barbie: Ask Elena, I think she'd like to go. She's a huge fan of Ashley, and she'llchange her plans for that concert, for sure.
Alice: Yeah, you're right. I'll invite her. Well, thank you anyways.
Barbie: I'm sorry I can't go. But, shall we go out for a drink right now?
susan : sure ! i·m sorry , i had problems with traffic , i drove my car as fast as i could
tomas : alright , dont worry about it ! the only thing that matters that you are here . what doyou want to drink ?
susan: a cup of coffee !
tomas : alright ( please we want two cafes ) we haven·t talked since we graduated , what about your life ?
susan : well i·ve just arrived to usa , i wason a tour in europe , it was one of my best experiences ! . i knew London , Paris , Germany , Spain .
tomas : wow wonderful ! i·m glad for you , who did you go ?
susan : i went to europe with my...
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