Conversation aobut gender gaps

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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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R: Hi kerly! Where you’ve been? I wanted to talk you about the gender gap between men and women; I need to hear some of your commentaries…

K: well let me tell you, that’s an interesting topic.Because as a woman I can certify that we leave surrounded by male chauvinism.

R: I understand your point of view, but on the other hand just think about it, girls have the same possibilitiesto become someone important on this world, all we need to do is to effort ourselves a 100 percent

K: Ronald but it’s not only about male chauvinism, gender gaps also refer to misunderstandingsbetween men and woman and their different ways to think about life.

R: Probably your right, I think for example that most of the women think that we’re supposed to maintain them and give themeverything they want with out making some effort like working for example.

K: I see your point of view but also as mothers we spend most of the time with children, and it’s very hard, in myopinion Men think that we have to do al the house work and be waiting for them after work.

R: Hey! No way! There are also single parents that raise their child as a mom, and they do a good job. Butmen are always going to be stronger than women.

K: So what should we do? Hey maybe if men were more considered with their wives…

R: And only if Women a boiled their wrong thoughts aboutmen.

K: In my opinion the television and publicity are influencing people’s mind. Let’s be serious, how do they present women? As hot girls that want more clothes. And Men are introduced assmokers, sexy and attractive guys, etc.

R: Or maybe if couples begin to talk and discuss to find ways to distribute the chores, we all know that communication in a family or relationships isessential.

K: but the different cultures influence people minds so it’s also important to respect people thoughts.

R: Definietly! I think that we can still change the society for the better.
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