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You interview someone for the job of receptionist in your office but the interviewee dresses in a scruffy way. For this reason you decide not to give him/her the job.____________________________________________________________

You are a doctor and have to tell a terminally ill patient that they can’t be cured. The patient is already extremely depressed about her illness.____________________________________________________________

You are going to give evidence in a murder trial. Friends of the defendant threaten to hurt your family if you tell the truth in court.____________________________________________________________

Your mother has bought a new dress to wear at a very important party. You think it looks terrible.____________________________________________________________

You find out that your friend’s husband has been having an affair for six months.

You have a cosmetic surgery to reduce yourwrinkles and make your nose slightly thinner. People ask you if you have been on holiday because you look so well.

Your child’s pet dogis very ill and you take it to the vet to be put down. Your child asks you where the dog has gone.

You receive your degree certificatefrom university. On the certificate they have written a higher grade than you actuallly recieved.

You are meeting your boy/girlfrien’sparents for the first time. They ask you when you are going to have children. You hate children.

When you were driving your mother’scar you were stopped by the police for driving too fast. You mother asks you why you are so late getting home.

You go to a friend’s...
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