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1984 Part I – Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1

Victory Mansions; Ministry of Truth; Ministry of Peace; Ministry of Love; Ministry of Plenty – Write down what you would expect these names would describe

1st chapter of l984 introduces us to the world of Winston Smith—what it looks like, how it’s organized, and how he feels about it.

We can get a sense of howdifferent is world is from ours from the first sentence.
Because this is a dystopian novel, which is a warning about the future, that Orwell will be presenting a “worst case scenario.” There’s also a lot of information to digest.

As we read together, look for what Orwell says about the following:
Big Brother
Thought Police
Airstrip One
3 party slogans
DoublethinkTwo Minutes Hate
Orthodoxy and unorthodoxy
Junior Anti-Sex League
Emanuel Goldstein
The Brotherhood

Answer in notebook:
If Big Brother were to change his name to something more accurate, what do you think he’d call himself?
* Big dictator
What do you think the Prole woman said about the movie when she got home that night?
* That horrendousthat they show that type of movies in front of the kids.
In your opinion, what’s the scariest thing about Winston’s world as Orwell describes it?
* That he is not able to question nor think for himself because he is always being watched and in a way he is threatened with death.
After he writes in his diary, Winston has a flashback to the morning and 2 people he saw during the 2 Minutes Hate(12)
1) The dark-haired girl. Why does Winston hate her?
* Because he thought he might be a member of the thought police and he felt vulnerable around her. and her general clean- mindedness.
Why would the Party want to repress the normal human activity of sex?
* Because it gives pleasure to people and they do not want people to feel comfortable. Big brother does not want peopleto feel anything and sex is something they must feel.

Winston says that girls like her are great “nosers-out of unorthodoxy.” Define this word
* Although they follow the rules they are actually interested in unorthodox things.
2) O’Brien. Why is Winston drawn to him?
* Because he thinks he is an enemy of the party like him.

What do you think is the purpose of the Two MinutesHate?
* To persuade people that goldstain is the enemy and he should be hated along with policies he practices.
Look at the emotions that Winston experiences on p. 16. Do we have any similar group activities?
* Yes we do, party reunions in all parts of the world do something similar to arise support for their party and put people against the “enemy”
If the United States were toinstitute this ritual, who or what would take the place of Goldstein? (Show film of 2 Minutes Hate)
* The president of the opposite party.

At the end of the flashback (p. 19) Winston remembers his moment of connection with O’Brien that Orwell
After he writes DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER Winston realizes he’s committed throughtcrime. The last thing he writes prepares us for the next chapterWinston’s first act of rebellion is writing in his diary. Predict 2 other ways he may rebel as the novel progresses.
* Continuing writing
* Maybe creating a revolution against the party.

Questions for Chapter 2 p. 20 - 27

In notebook: imagine you are the telescreen in the Parsons’ apartment. Summarize what you see Mrs. Parsons, Winston and the 2 children doing.
* Children are screamingand defending our beloved party in some sort of game. They seem to be attacking goldstain as everyone should. Children are actually good members of the party, a man that came to fix parson’s pipelines is being attacked by the children.

How has the Party perverted childhood and family life? What does a child have to do in order to become a “child hero”?
* They are somehow turning...
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