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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2011
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Worksheet 1 Course 1 Accounting
Teacher: Yeison David Londoño


a. Choose the correct option

1. Are you an Italian student?
a. No, I ‘m not anItalian student. I’m an English student
b. No, thank you, I study English.
c. Yes, I speak Italian.

2. Who is he?
a. She is my sister.
b. He are the teacher.
c.He is Mr Smith.

3. Where is she from?
a. We are from Colombian.
a. She is a singer.
b. She is from the U.S.

3. Is Brazil a big country?
a. Yes, it is Brazil a big country.b. Yes, Brazil it is a big country.
c. }´+Yes, it is a big country.

4. Are you an English student?
a. Yes, I am from England.
b. Yes, English is very important.
c. Yes, I studyEnglish.
d. My English teacher is Mr. Bowles.

5. Where is she from?
a. She’s in Colombian.
b. I am from Colombia.
c. No, she is from Colombia.
d. She’s Colombian.

6. IsBogotá a big Colombian city?
b. Yes, Bogotá is in Colombia
c. Yes, Bogotá is a big Colombian city
d. Yes, Bogotá is big Peruvian city.
e. Yes, Bogotá is a Colombian city.

7. Whatis El Colombiano?
a. A big car. b. A newspaper. c. A red pen.
d. Over there on the table.
d. Fill in the gap with the word that best completes the sentence.

1. Pasto is a small ______ inColombia.
a. country
b. city
c. continent
2. . ____________ a big city?
a. Medellín is
b. are Medellín
c. Is Medellín

2. Manizales is a _______________ Colombiancity.
a) blue b) city c) small d) in

3. She is the secretary. _______ name is Monica.
a) She’s b) Hers c) Her d) She

4. What’s your _________ name? It’s Lopez.
a)middle b) last c) first d) favorite

5. England isn’t a city in ___________.
a) Europe b) country c) Africa d) continent
Last Name _______


a. Fernando.
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