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Monterrey Nuevo León March 27 2012
Mr. President Svenson Larsson.From the analysis carried out on operations on the Chocolate Valentino for the Period January-December 2011, there have been four problems, which are the reason why the company has decreased itsproductivity and competitiveness in the market, these irrigation areas are as follows:

P1. - It was noted that staff from different areas of the company is unmotivated, which results in underperformance in the production of chocolate.
-This motivation is because they have to make a double effort since the machinery is in bad shape for its age.
-They have many hours of work and his salary is notfair to your visit.
P2. - The market analysis carried out, it was observed that our main product has lost a significant share of our main product consumption of chocolate, this is because the publicis inclined to consume ah biscuits produced by competitors, to this situation has made the decision to expand our products.
P3. - Due to the age of machinery our production has decreased since notbeen renewed for three decades and not maintain it constantly, this makes the production look backward and this implies a double effort for staff .
P4. - The prices of our products are higher thanthose of competition, because the raw material used in our products is more expensive and therefore better quality, but customers looking for better prices.

To provide solutions to the problemsmentioned above, we present an action plan, with which it is intended, to resolve areas of risk, and transformed to areas of opportunity. We have a budget of $ 1'500, 000.00 Euros, capital needed totransform and renew Valentino chocolates, this budget will be applied as follows.

We decided to invest 280 000 euros in economic incentives for staff to develop and install sports clinics for family...
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