Copahue - caviahue

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Copahue - Caviahue
In the middle of the Andes Mountain Range, in the northwest of Neuquén province, lies Caviahue – Copahue, a wonderful tourist centre. It is located almost 6,666 feet above sealevel, near the Argentine – Chilean international border crossing, at the foot of Copahue volcano (9,750 feet above sea level), and on the banks of a large water mirror formed by Caviahue lake (5,333feet above sea level). It lies 979 miles from Buenos Aires, and 229 miles from Neuquén Capital City. This town, along with Locopué and Las Lajas, constitutes the tourist area called Thermal Patagonia.It holds hotels, inns, lodges, apart-hotels, cottages and ATLs (Alternative Tourist Lodging).

Copahue thermal springs

Thermalism is one of the activities that stands out in Copahue (inmapuche, “sulphur”), which lies 11 miles away from Caviahue (in mapuche, “place of festivals or parties”). The development of these thermal springs started with the history of Copahue volcano, which theindigenous ancestors of the area thought had wealth and powers for the spirit.
Copahue thermal springs are worldly renowned for the quality and diversity of their waters, whose therapeutic propertiesare guaranteed by the World Health Organization. The different treatments are done under medical advice in the thermal complex, and combine varied types of water, vapours and mud.
This complex canbe visited from November to April, given that during winter, the access road to Copahue is impassable due to snow accumulation.

A unique place

Lagoon on the crater of Copahue volcano
Thetourist complex is located within Copahue Provincial Park. This park is 28,300 hectares and it was created in the 40’s with the objective of preserving nature in the area, especially the araucaria orpehuen forests, which constitute a unique natural resource in the world. The climate of this place is special, and its temperatures are ideal both in winter and in summer. Its peculiar landscape...
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