Core i5 2500k

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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Procesador Core i5 2500K

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Core i5 2500K and Core i7 2600K review
By: Hilbert Hagedoorn Edited by Syed Mohammad & Ian R Barling |Published: January 3, 2011

Intel Core i5 2500K and Core i7 2600K

Hey all and welcome to the new year! We've mentioned in some other reviews that 2011 is going to be a very significantyear in the processor industry as we'll be faced with two changes. The first being a new architecture for both Intel and AMD, changes will allow processors to be faster "per core", something we havebeen evangelizing for a long time now. See, you can add more and more cores, in the consumer market we've gone from 1 towards 2 to 4 to 6 CPU cores and will go to 8, even up-to 12 cores in the next yearor so. But software anno 2011 will take the best advantage of 2 to 4 CPU cores really, once you pass four CPU cores only professional applications and content transcode software remain a real benefitfor that amount of multiple cores.

With that statement in mind, I'll take faster per core performance anytime when I'd have to choose in-between faster performing per core 4 or say 6-coreprocessors. Exactly here is where today's tested processor is going to startle you.

The second major change you will see this year is to be found inside the processor as we'll start seeing integratedgraphics processor cores, embedded and harbored into the processor. Last year, exactly a year ago to be precise, we already familiarized ourselves with the new Core i5 650, 660 and 661 processors. TheseCPUs already have GPUs inside of them, with one difference, they had two little small chips on the processor die, literally. And that's about to change.

Today of course we'll be reviewing Intel'slatest architecture, developed under family codename Sandy Bridge. Intel today officially announced the Core i5 2500 and Core i7 2600 processors. Actually, they release four processors as the models...