Corn Flakes de Kellogg es una popular marca de cereal, comúnmente usada en el desayuno y producida por la compañía Kellogg. Se fabrica con granos de maíz sometidos a un tratamiento, por medio del cual se obtienen unas pequeñas hojas de cereal tostado, conocidas como hojuelas de maíz o copos de maíz. La patente del producto se registró el 31 de mayo de 1894, bajo el nombre de Granose.1

Milk is a nutritious secretion opaque whitish produced by the mammary glands of females (sometimes also by males) of mammals (including monotremes) 1 2 3 This ability is one of the defining characteristics of mammals . The main function of the milk is to nourish the children until they are able to digest other foods. Furthermore performs the functions of protecting the gastrointestinal tract of the offspring against pathogens, toxins and inflammation contributes to the health and regulating metabolic processes produce energy, particularly glucose metabolism and is the only fluid insulina.4 ingestingthe offspring of mammals (of the infant in the case of humans) until weaning. The milk of domestic mammals is part of current human consumption in the vast majority of civilizations: cow, primarily, but also from buffalo, sheep, goat, horse, camel, elk, pig, llama, etc..

Culturally, birds eggs are a common food in the diet of humans. We present protected by a shell and rich in proteins (mainly albumin, which is a clear or white of the egg) and lipids.1 2 are easily digested food, the main component of many sweet and savory dishes, and are a part essential in many others because of their binding properties.

Bread is a staple part of the traditional diet in Europe, Middle East, India and America. It is usually prepared by baking a dough, made mainly with cereal flour, salt and water. The mixture, in most cases, often contain yeast to ferment the dough and more spongy tierna.1
The most commonly used grain for bread making wheat flour is. Also used rye, barley, [continua]

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