Coronation of charlemagne

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A. From Orosius, Seven Books of History Against the Pagans, Book 7.39-40. The third day after they had entered the City, the barbarians departed of their own accord. They had, it is true, burned acertain number of buildings, but even this fire was not so great as that which had been caused by accident in the seven hundredth year of Rome. Indeed, if I review the conflagration produced during thespectacles of Nero, her own emperor, this later fire, brought on by the anger of the conqueror, will surely bear no comparison with the former, which was kindled by the wantonness of the prince. Nordo I need in comparison of this sort to mention the Gauls who, after burning and sacking the City camped upon her ashes for almost an entire year. Moreover, to remove all doubt that the enemy werepermitted to act in this manner in order to chastise the proud, wanton, and blasphemous City, it may be pointed out that her most magnificent sites, which the Goths were unable to set on fire, weredestroyed at this time by lightning. It was in the one thousand one hundred and sixty-fourth year of the City that Alaric stormed Rome. Although the memory of the event is still fresh, anyone who saw thenumbers of the Romans themselves and listened to their talk would think that “nothing had happened”, as they themselves admit, unless perhaps he were to notice some charred ruins still remaining.

B.From the Letters of Gregory the Great, 6.10. Gregory to Candidus, the priest going to the patrimony of Gaul (September 595) As you set out with the help of our Lord God Jesus Christ for the patrimonywhich must be governed in Gaul, from the gold coins which you receive we want your beloved to purchase clothing for the poor, and to buy Anglian boys who are about seventeen or eighteen years old, sothat they may profit from serving God in monasteries. Thus the gold coins from Gaul, which cannot be spent in your own country, may be spent profitably in their own land. And if you can recoup some...
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