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El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés is the first distribution group in Spain, and is composed of a set of firms of different formats and various sizes including the original one “Great departmentStores” . In this format is the European leader for sales volume and the second worldwide behind Sears and ahead of Macy's.
Their business model is set to the store where you can buy everything, hencethe slogan "shop for all your shopping," offering a wide variety of items with all grades available to cover all types of users, some specialization to be divided into departments, a value addedservice around the purchase (Delivery service, wedding lists and shopping, tailoring and fixes included in the price, etc..), and quality assurance and customer satisfaction by returning Price paid: "If notsatisfied we will refund your money."

The managers of the distribution firm bet on two areas to keep rope in a very competitive market. The first one is the constant opening of new stores toexpand the area where they operate both in Spain and abroad. The second area is trade diversification as a weapon with the introduction of new formats already proven in the market.
Now I am going toanalyze the different strategic moves El Corte Ingles has done throughout its history.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and César Rodríguez Ramón Areces acquire modest tailoring ofMadrid called El Corte Ingles, and thereafter begin the story that eventually became the first Spanish chain of department stores. In those years ECI after having been acquiring clothing toindependent producers, decided to create it in their own plants from 1949; with the creation of “Induyco” the vertical integration process began. Backward integration developed by "El Corte Inglés" enable themto ensure quality control and regular supply and by the way to improves agency efficiency reducing coordination and transaction costs.
In the scope of supply of specific equipment for sale in 1966...
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