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Section I choose the correct option to complete the sentences
It was warm so I ______ off my coat
a)took b)take c)taking
the film wasn’t very good I _____ it very mucha)Enjoy didn’t b)don’t enjoy c)didn´t enjoy
the bed was uncomfortable I very well
a)didn’t sleep b)didn´t c)sleept
I was very tired so I the party early
a)leave b)didn´t sleep c)didn’t
the window was open and a bird _______in to the room
a)flow b)flowr c)didn´t fly
R. 1-a,2-c,3-a,4-c,5a
Section II, complete the sentences using use to or didn’t use to.When mark was 8 years old
1 have lobg hair
2ride a bike
3live in a big house
4wath cartoons
5play the guitar
R. 1- mark used to have long hair,2- Mark used to ride a bike.3-mark didn’t use to live in a big house,4- mark used to watch cartoons,5- mark didn´t play the guitar
Section III, chose the correct option to complete the following sentenceswith was,were,wan’t or weren’t
Whore_________you last week?
I___________ with my friends yesterday
Sam_____ at work two days ago
Paul and heydi _______ together
When_____ thecelebration?
Who _______________ your husband
She_____________ there yesterday
She _________________ sick
Their sister ______________ in the house
They__________________________ in Acapulco
R. 1-was,2-ewre,3-was,4-were,5-was,6-werent,7wosn’t,8-werent,9-was,10-werent
Section IV peter reyes works in a office this a timetable of things she didyesterday chose the sentences thath express what she is doing yesterday
7:45 have break fast
8:30 goto works
9:00 make phone calls
12:00 take a break
1:00 send a e-mail
4:00 altenda meeting
5:30 cook dinner
6:00 chat with friends only
R. was having breakfast was working phone calls 3- was sending e-mail.4-was attending a metting,5- chas worth my friend
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