Correction codes to write in english

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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by Antía Vizcaíno

Writing is normally difficult: we have to know at least the common meaning of the words used,as well as parts of the speech and gender. This is even more complicated when students are L1 learners.
In order to give appropriate feedback to students, English teachers must identify common slipsor errors and be able to use a clear Correction Code to classify them.
This essay is addressed to point out some errors found on two written works, one from a student from an A1 level, the other froma B1 level. It also includes the feedback these students received from the analysis I prepared from their production.
Sample 1. Student of Elementary Level.
The firststudent is a boy of 9 years old and he is at A1 level. He has just begun a deeper knowledge of English few months ago. His learning preferences involve mainly drawing, listening and/or coloring. He is veryfond of science and world travel. His learning style is visual, and he is way beyond his other classmates, which normally is an advantage (a very high self esteem), but sometimes his excessiveconfidence leads him to basic mistakes. In this case the student was asked to develop a simple narrative paragraph related to his activities after class.
The rationale for the corrections I made (AppendixII)was for this student to improve his punctuation and spelling, given he has L1 interference and poor vocabulary (Appendix I).
I also took into account in his work the elements of an expositoryparagraph: this student is just starting to write in English, and even though it is very simple what he did, it was based on a lesson from the course book (see Appendix V) where he identifies the elementsof an expository paragraph: a title, the body, and a closing. I think it is very important because this exercise prepares him to write in an organized way.
The student is used to some “Proofreading...
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