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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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‘Correctness’ Correct grammar and spelling are the most important features of education so it is important to understand the language we need to teach. To learn what is “correct”, it’s first toestablish our criteria for what is not. For example, if the purpose of the language is simply to communicate, then it would be wrong, hold on to teach strict grammar such as the spelling of words,phrases and so on. If the purpose is to learn how language is structured, its origins, reasons and background may be incorrect filling of "modern expressions" of language. The article "The Notion ofCorrectness" refers to two fundamental principles at work: Prescriptive and descriptive. It is not possible to say which is right or wrong. Both go together. it is necessary to know why the word order,however it is also important to apply them in everyday life through communication However, as I said before, according to the needs of the individual. One uses one of these fundamental principlesdepending on the interests of the person. For example, a student of languages, mainly be interested in learning to obey rules (Prescriptive), in the case of a person who works abroad, he would beinterested about to know what the "real" language is and go for it . I think, I agree with the words of the article where the student should read from the common language spoken for everyone and from this onecreate a language model useful for all kinds of people, both students of the language as well as children, or adults, this mean, anyone who wants to learn a language due to necessity or by hobby Weknow that language is changing from age to age and what was right yesterday seen today may be wrong and obsolete. However, in our own time, grammatical forms and correct spelling are clearly defined,so if we want to be considered literate, the responsibility is on us to develop clarity of style and correctness that can be accepted by educated people and what is considered ordinary.

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