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John E. McPeck - Harrison County, Ohio

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Posted: 24 Jan 2003 12:36AM GMT

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Edited: 10 Apr 2005 11:14AM GMTThe Biographical Record of Harrison & Carroll Counties, Ohio
pub by - J. H. Beers & Co.
Chicago - 1891
page - 298 -304

JOHN E. McPECK. Among the representative citizens of Archer Township,Harrison County, none hold a more prominent place in the esteem of the people, generally, than the gentleman whose name heads this sketch. Born August 1, 1832, in the village of Hanover, Harrison Co.,Ohio, his career has been one of ceaseless toil and industry in the various phases of life, which he has so acceptably filled from time to time. His grandfather McPeck came in 1844 from WestmorelandCounty, Pa., to Harrison County, where, April 20, 1858, when aged eighty years and eighteen days, he was called to his last rest: he is buried in Ridge Cemetery. On April 27, 1869, the spirit of hisaged widow joined him on the other shore, she having died aged eighty-three years, seven months and two days, and was laid in the grave beside him. They were married September 6, 1803, and reared afamily of nine children - six sons and three daughters - all now deceased except William, who is living in Union County, Ohio.
The maternal grandfather of John E. McPeck was John Endsley, who marriedJane Blaine, a native of Ireland, and who, a young girl of only twelve summers, braving the dangers and perils of an ocean voyage in the slow-going sailing vessels of those days, in company with herbrother, David Blaine, who was then two years her senior, came to America. She made her home with her uncle, David Reed, in Cumberland County, Pa. Here she ultimately met and married John Endsley, bywhom she had six children, two of whom still live in Coshocton County, Ohio. Mr. Endsley came by himself (leaving his family near Pittsburgh, Pa.) to Harrison county, Ohio, late in the fall of 1808,...
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