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  • Publicado : 29 de diciembre de 2011
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The Mexican Drug War is close to reaching it´s fifth birthday and the shootouts between paramilitary cells of narcos, the car chases between them and the Mexican armed forces, and the bodies dissolved in acid don´t seem to let down, that and drug traffic is still going through the border at astounding volumes.
(Dismemberment and mutilation seems to be the norm this days, you can see theattitude of narcos right there in how they kill; Cartels used to worry about hiding bodies, not anymore, they just leave´em layin´ on the street.)

After five years you´d think they would´ve made a dent by now but far from ending the drug war violence surges every year.
But why? Why is it worse? Why are there no visible results, no visible road to success?
If you answered corruption congratulations,you now know better than the Pentagon nerds planning the drug war strategy in their cubicles.

Corruption here in Mexico is not only a fact but a way of life, I don´t want to say that corruption is the system but let´s just say that bribes are the oil that greases the gears of democracy, just like any other capitalist democracy in the world.
To give you an idea here´s a number to wrap yourhead around: 100 million. Plenty of money, right? What could you do with so much cash laying around? How about buying the entire police force in Mexico! Because that´s the amount of dollars per month that Mexican drug cartels spend to bribe cops, federal agents, judges, or anyone with a badge.

Corruption inside Mexico´s law enforcement bodies is what helps the cartels keep the authorities on theirgrip, it´s what allows them to move with freedom inside their turfs.

But what happens on the American side? Can´t the good-will and really, really hard efforts of the American people be enough to end this bane on society? And how do tons and tons and tons of drugs continue to slip through the border undetected?
If you answered corruption congratulations, you are now on a US Governmentwatch-list.
Think about it, if corruption of the Mexican police forces is what allows narcotraffickers to operate freely inside the country, then corruption of the American border forces is what´s allowing the free transit of drugs into the American market.

To Mexicans a crooked politician is a fact of life, in America it´s an outrage. But why are you yanks so infatuated with politics andpoliticians?
A friend told me a couple of days ago that the main problem is America, in it´s own eyes, sees itself as incorruptible. American people just can´t believe the fact that there´s even a hint of corruption among their ranks. I´m not going to lie, I used to believe that myself. Shit, ask most Mexicans and they will tell you that as soon as they step on American soil they instantly becomelaw-abiding citizens.
But it´s not only that, Mexicans are cautious by nature about cops, so an American cop scares the shit out of us, unlike you gringos who still believe in the incorruptible image of the civil servant and see them as heroes. I hope that by the time you get to to the last paragraph that image will be at least a little tarnished.

9/11 has a lot more to do with the current statusof the Mexican drug war than anyone really gives it credit for. The world really changed after that day, but I´ll spare you the sentimentality because it only changed for the worse.
The drug-trade in Mexico had to get creative with their US-bound illegal goods. The border had been gradually becoming tougher and tougher to cross illegally and the panorama changed to; Now there were towers,sensors, IR-NV-thermal cameras, overflying drones and border patrol trucks with confederate flag stickers. You bet this guy has the head of a Mexican hanging from his trailer wall. (I say “Mexican” because regular people in the States think that everyone below the Mexican border has got to be Mexican.

Overwatching the border forced the cartels to get creative, you may have heard of some of they...