Corruption in mexico...satire

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Corruption and Poverty in Mexico

In Mexico, there is no corruption. This lovely country has a lot of beautiful, warm and honest people, people that think most in you than themselves. When theytell you “we are going to increase the taxes” they want to make sure that you don’t need to think and how to spend the excessive salary that bosses pay you, the only thing that they want to avoid you arethe headaches.

As we now, thinking in how to deal with the money left after paying debts it’s a very serious health problem, because makes you feel anxious, stress and in some cases, it makes youa shopaholic.

Nowadays, Politicians are considerer with the people, because they help us generating jobs for people who are unemployed. For people who receive low salaries they increase them.They are always supporting poor people, because a part of their salaries, it’s allocated to people with a lot of needs.

The best program that they created; it’s that all people have insurance to beeattended in the best hospitals in the city. Politicians keep creating programs to sick people helping them giving them the prescriptions that they need, even if they are expensive, they give you.México, in comparison it’s considered like one of the countries with less percent of corruption, and one of the most safety country in all world.

Besides, this country invests billions and billionsof dollars annually in order to maintain a high level of security. They hires a lot of honest people, honest cops and honest Politicians, who the only thing that they want it´s to help people.

Allpeople are happy with the new politicians system, because we receive all their support and they really know how to be fair and equitable, because they know how to improve our country. The principalobjective of Mexico it´s to bring security and wellness to all the population, make people feel safety.

That’s why, when you visit or live in Mexico, all your concerns disappear. For example, as...
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