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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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no man the bass is turned up so little if at all and i can barley hear it and i play bass

Ltndoom hace 9 meses
@Ltndoom Watch this: /watch?v=y90Ir8-VOWE and perhas you'll be able to hear thebass better. Like I said in the video description, it's only slightly louder than the original. But I definitely can hear it here.

maksphoto78 hace 9 meses
hey...the song is awesome...but i stillcant hear the bass...whatever, thanks for posting...METALLICA RULES!!!!!!

psichomosaicpokesim hace 11 meses
@psichomosaicpokesim Maybe your computer speakers don't give enough bass. Try listeningto this through the headphones.

maksphoto78 hace 11 meses 13
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I can hear bass clearly, thanks man :) Great song by the way, Metallica live forever!

jcz1996 hace 8 meses 20Ver todos
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@Ltndoom dude u need to get your hears checked.

metalsquirrelgamer hace 1 semana
this song kicks ass man.metalup your ass man

palpenteen777 hace 3 semanas
by the way, great mix, im an engineer!! the bass is very audible. awesome!!!

peerlesslondin hace 3 semanas
i agree metalmilitia515 . just anotherexample of the true talent cliff had.he was not selfish. he saw the music as awhole and not for ones ego!!!!!

peerlesslondin hace 3 semanas
How cam people say "how could Metallica have cliffstracks so low" ..cliff was in the band and was in complete control of what he was doing , if cliff wanted it louder , it would have been louder , rock in peace cliff

MeTaLMIliTIa515 hace 3 semanasi hear da bass

savageblue25 hace 1 mes
how can someone not hear the bass? I can hear it very well =D thanks for the upload!

666Jalkasieni hace 1 mes
Seriously, how the fuck can people nothear it in this video? They obviously don't understand what a bass sounds like because it's RIGHT THERE.

I like it like this: enough to clearly hear it but not competing with or overpowering...
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