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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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J l m s k y

Y: well today we are talking about the tv news, so i hear you ideas
K: first we should divide task between us we r 6persons so we should know what will do each one
L: i am agree i suggest make some interviews with some1 that know about the topics,these persons could be William G and andres trillos
J:really i think William is ok could give us many information but i dont think thesame with trillos, maybe we could talk with xxx
M: ok 2 persons can do the interviews, so some volunteers??
Y: i have time, i am goingto interview William G
K: ok, so i am going to do the other interview
S: what about the place, where are we going to do it?
J: Wecan do some Scenes in panama
L: that’s an excellent idea, I propose to talk about logistics
S:mm but how many reports are going tobe? .. and who do them?

M: well.. we don't know that yet.. but i can do them

J:nice, but i think that we r forget an importantpoint, who are going to be the presenter?

L :oh! yes we forgot that.. I think that silvia can do it, for her is so easy to do itM: i am agree she has a load tone, and catch the attention of public

K:its ok but I feel that is many job for one person,what do u think if we have 2 presenters

J: ok so i am going to be the other presenter
Ok feel that jesik could be the other presenter