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Pet Insurance
Cost? For a cat, £45 (Saga basic plan) to £142.50 (Petplan - SuperCat). For a dog, Saga's minimum is £93, while Petplan's Supreme is £343. Prices depend on age, the excess and levelsof cover.
Worth Having? If you seriously dote on your cat then it is worth it. For example, to fix a broken leg on a cat costs £1,000. But those on tight budgets will find the average £50 excesspolicy proves expensive and Moggy is better off staying fit and healthy.
Car insurance
Cost? £350 (comprehensive cover).
Worth having? The one insurance we are legally obliged to buy, but most of uspay too much because we are too lazy to shop around at renewal time. Insurers quote a low first premium and hope for an automatic renewal. Most people will save £50-£80 by switching.
Sportsinjury insurance

Cost? £59.40 (Pinnacle child policy) to £312 (B&CE Insurance) according to level of cover. Offers lump sum for broken bones and weekly payout to cover lost earnings while off work.Worth having? Only if you're self-employed (and it runs out after 3-6mths). Largely a waste of cash for the employed. And why should children need it? An income protection plan may be better valuefor the self employed.
Life insurance
Cost? For a £250,000 policy covering both partners should either die in the next 15 years, the Prudential charges £1,070. Legal & General is cheaper at £869while Scottish Provident is around average at £1,225.
Worth having? This policy will pay out while the children are still at home. But before signing up, the parents should check on life coverprovision at their workplace and through pension plans.

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The Conditional Form
a) 0Conditional: Present + Present
If I go to work I use the telephone
b) 1st Conditional: Present Simple + Future (will)
If I go to New York I will see the Statue of Liberty.
c) 2nd Conditional: Past...
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